Olde English Deer Control Services in the South East

Based in Kent but covering home counties & beyond

A local friendly and professional service

Call us today on 01233 640681 or 07790 532420

Working with the Environment

We take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously and work very closely with Invicta Safety at all necessary stages of our work & projects.

Deer Management Services for the South East

A branch of Olde English Pest Control providing a friendly and professional humane deer control service based in Kent but covering home counties & beyond.

Guarantees a first class service

Olde English Deer Control guarantees a first class service to meet a client’s needs that will enhance their profit.

What We do

We survey & provide deer counts using top of the range handheld thermal spotters.

Also, we actively use cutting edge Thermal drone technology which can be used for ariel views and any size tracts of land and trail camera technology that capture images or video footage 24.7.

We take animal welfare very seriously

It’s all about sympathetic positive action making sure that dignity is foremost in our thoughts & never compromised.

Our Deer Management Services Are Available 24 Hours A Day

The deer management is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Barry is renowned for his attention to detail for each of his clients.

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Call us on 01233 640681 or 07790 532420

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